Tuesday, November 29, 2011

MONEY IS NOT ENOUGH: Best Buy collects drivers license & passport information in exchange database

BTC-- Apparently money is not enough for Best Buy. They will be making demands of entering your government issued ID in a market sharing database for their affiliates as a condition of exchange or returns this Holiday season.

The big question is who is an affiliate and why are they demanding the retention of government issued identity as a corporate policy?  We are waiting to hear back from Best Buy's PR department on a statement now.

The Department Of Homeland Security Wants All The Information It Has On You Accessible From One Place

BTC- It's gettin' crazy.

REDUX: NGI Hits Atlanta, Facebook gets served

The City of Atlanta this morning signed a contract with Motorola to unify its public and private surveillance camera systems with the hope of deterring more crime in its downtown and midtown districts.

Who Watches the Watchers? How Much Security Technology is Ending up in the Hands of Those We'd Rather it Not?

US Supreme Court hears oral arguments in case over legality of warrantless GPS tracking of cars.

Facebook Is Using Your Data Whether You Like It Or Not

Facebook settles privacy charges  OR WHO WON THE WAR ON FACEBOOK.

Obama ordering agencies to keep better digital records while Sen. Schumer warns shopping malls not to track customers on their cellphones

Coalition publishes letter opposing policy of indefinite detention in S. 1867

Canada’s expanding surveillance ‘should scare you’: privacy watchdog

Cavoukian said Monday the [Canadian] federal government’s proposed legislation could have a profound impact on privacy rights. She has sent a 20-page legal analysis of the legislation, which would make it legal for police forces to snoop on Internet users without requiring a warrant from a judge, to Public Safety Minister Vic Toews.
Internet has become 'surveillance machine': Julian Assange

Implementing the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative at Land and Sea Ports: Are We Ready?