Friday, July 6, 2012


BTC Commentary -

The following is a rebuttal to a second round of propaganda towards a nationalized Social Security card, this time c/o Diane Dimond who wrote "Show your papers -- But what Papers? That's a Good Question"

Dear Ms. Dimond,

You just do not know what you are talking about. I respect the fact that you're trying here, but National IDs are not what this country needs right now. They can't respect individual privacy AT ALL. There was a little law passed in '07 on the back of the Patriot Act called FISA where anything in your phone goes to a government database sitting in the wilds of UTAH. You were out that day in class.

People's unanimous hesitancy to make it even easier for the government to track their goings and doings is based on a little thing called consent. Consent is not something you and your ideologues have for a national ID card because 25 States banned the Real ID Act - which codified the closest thing we have to a national ID card.

That's not "crazy talk" - that's the law - in 25 States - with precedent for banning a national identity card.

This government trespasses daily with relentless assaults on privacy. You're asleep at the wheel.

There is no real incentive to make it more convenient for a bureaucrat at schools or the DMV to find me when they abuse what they've got with internal fraud and general contractor corruption. I don't owe these people a living. In fact, I wish I could fire them all because they make my life more difficult.

Don't insult the reading public's intelligence. You're not in favor personal liberty or individual privacy. People giving up their location data is discouraged by those who advocate privacy. You're all for it.

Unfortunately - over half of America can't be wrong on this one and you won't get their consent.

Sheila Dean

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

FOX: Obligatory use of E-Verify could lead to discrimination

The manifest destiny of American National ID systems

UPDATE 9:03 PM EST 07/03/12:  Bill Keller rebutted sentiments like those issued by the ACLU. Chris Calabrese wrote thus:

I rooted around looking for more reactions on Keller and found:
  • None was quicker to respond than Evan McMurry at PoliticOlogy. He dissected Keller's marginalization arguments as if Keller were in his own living room.
"Ah, yes, pulling people over demanding their papers. And how do they know from whom to ask for those papers? If you put Bill Keller in an old GMC and had him drive around in the Arizona desert with 1,000 pounds of cocaine in the back, would he ever once be stopped and asked for his biometric social security card? Nope. It doesn't matter what kind of identification BK has, because no AZ cop will ever require it of him." 

Why Bill Keller should stick to Democratic politics vs. Stasi tools of political control

BTC -  The NYTimes collected their altar of media faithful and recommended ...a national ID, in an article called Show Me Your Papers featured here at BeatTheChip.

First, Keller said nothing of the States who passed laws against the Real ID Act.

Keller made his case for national ID alluding to the order that it would provide to humanize the problems in Arizona presented by State approved racial profiling. Unfortunately, the Orwellian manifest destiny of an American nationalized identity system has already shown its hand. There is no real precedent for America to move ahead the "humane" or "democratic" version of a national ID system because we already have the "humane and democratic" militarized American police.  We already have 737 "humanitarian and democratic" military bases all over the world. American "democracy" has lost whatever integrity it had when it allowed neo-liberals to start shot calling to keep the war debt high, stoke globalism, the WTO and the tax cannibalism of things Americans *really* can do themselves.

I don't believe Democrats and their politicians are inherently more humane or moral. Their plan for healthcare includes, not just a national ID card, but finance plan is based on adjusting Student Loan interest rates to pay for nationalized healthcare and an individual mandate.  Their version of dealing with humanitarian interests of immigrants in their country and violence at the borders is to deny the ATF was walking guns over, US engineering of the entire drug war/trade or shelving immigration reform until it's politically expedient. The Dream Act, a moderate proposal, isn't making it in our Congress because our "democracy" only has one real economic priority: war and export of the national security State. Real ID and national ID cards fall under Homeland Security, so it will get a hearing.

When Keller says "democracy" it's the totalitarian democracy of empire because that's the only one we have. It's not the one where you are permitted to hang onto basic freedom of movement without checking in directly with Big Brother. The unfortunate truth is that our nation state has gone far out of their way on "democratic" auspices to bring us drone warfare, suppression of speech by threatening Wikileaks with death, and international trade meddling to escalate handpicked winners vs. consumer demand for what I want to buy.

As data and identity continue to be a secondary form of currency in the shell game of trade we have in the United States, a national ID would be screwed down to mean less and worth less to maximize the squeeze of economic control by the State.

Keller's systemic proposals seem kind and genuine, but again this is all being done, naturally, on the backs of taxpayers.  It always makes more sense when you are not paying for it. Non-profit tax shelters work for elitist democrats just as well as greedy Libertarians.

The NYTimes has closed comments for Keller's article at this time, but I didn't trust their paper enough to post responsible dissent in the first place.  The State of New York issues Real ID certified license every day.  Their journalists, if they drive to work, get to thank Governor Spitzer for that.  However, they can thank people at Cato, the ACLU, EPIC, EFF and maybe even little BeatTheChip, in part, for the fact that it's not a national ID card.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

RFID using WiFi to capture dental records

c/o Govt. Slaves 
By employing RFID, the system enables dental employees to link a patient with a specific computer, so that as the X-ray images are transmitted via a Wi-Fi connection, or uploaded through a Carestream Dental device, they are received only by the appropriate computer—the one in the room in which the patient is located. 
In the case of both products—models RVG 6500 and CS 7600—RFID is intended to eliminate potential confusion regarding which phosphor plates or digital images belong to which particular patient, and in which room. In this way, the X-ray process can be made easier and the images can be collected within seconds, to be viewed by employees and patients.