Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Washington States secret drivers license program outed over police, CIA use

The program within the Department of Licensing (DOL) has been operating in relative secrecy for years, without legislative approval.
(i.e. IT'S NOT LAW... YET.)

c/o Seattle Times

A Washington Department of Licensing program that supplied fake licenses for undercover officers issued the most fake IDs to the Central Intelligence Agency and Defense Department, the Kitsap Sun reported.

OLYMPIA — Lawmakers moved Tuesday to block the CIA from utilizing a Washington state program that has issued hundreds of fake driver’s licenses to government agencies.
A measure approved by the state House would give legislative approval to the program — but only for undercover law-enforcement officers. Rep. Judy Clibborn said the bill protects investigators while also making the program more accountable.
“We wanted it to be for law enforcement only,” said Clibborn, D-Mercer Island.

She said nobody from the CIA has contacted her to express concern about the change.

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