Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Big Data is not what you want in exchange for Christmas

Ask customer service about return/exchange policies before you buy this Holiday Season

UPDATE 11/23 - Correction - Liz at Spychips wants to do something with the idea, but can't officiate CASPIAN as spokesperson. 

UPDATE 2PM CST -  CASPIAN teaming up on the Greedy/Vice list. 

BTC Commentary --  Last Christmas it was Best Buy. This Summer it was Walgreens. This fall it was Target. Now pushing into this Christmas, Michael's Art Supply started scanning driver's licenses during retail exchanges at the register.  These businesses disclose demand for photo ID as consumer policy, typically on receipts after the shopping is done. Typically, there is no privacy protection offered to you for information you voluntarily give up to these stores.  They demand it and then they sell it to whomever they want.  That's a bad bargain.

In American shopping culture, where impulse is encouraged during holiday season, more people will be asked for a drivers license before, during or after during returns or exchanges gifts or purchases as POS policy.  I expect a third of shopping America to go along with it. However, if your reading this blog, that won't be you.

How can you beat Big Christmas when it's marketing the sales of drivers license information to 3rd party Big Data monitors?

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

DIY Government : G-Men: If you want to read my email, come back with a warrant.


Defend Demand Progress so they can continue to defend you. 

[BTC- This has been my e-mail signature since Congress reauthorized the Patriot Act last fall.]
 *I am a United States citizen. My phone and electronic communications may be monitored by the NSA, the FBI, DHS and private contractors who will be held unaccountable for crimes against privacy according to illegal and unenforceable laws, FISA & The Patriot Act. Due to the invasive and unconstitutional nature of these laws, I do not recognize the authority of the surveillants and will prosecute on stalking, habitual harassment if there is no legal grounds for reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing in my private conversations. Get a warrant.

STAND & DELIVER: Hernandez takes her business elsewhere

UPDATE 2PM 11/21: Bexar County Judge grants court restraint of expulsion order, in favor of Andrea Hernandez.

c/o GovtSlaves by way of Aaron Dykes at 

"After months of protesting a policy requiring high school students to wear an RFID-enabled ID badge around their necks at all times, Andrea Hernandez is being involuntarily withdrawn from John Jay High School in San Antonio effective November 26th, according to a letter sent by the district that has now been made public. 

The letter, sent on November 13, informs her father that the Smart ID program, which was phased in with the new school year, is now in “full implementation” and requires all students to comply by wearing the location-tracking badges. 

Since Andrea Hernandez has refused to wear the badge, she is being withdrawn from the magnate school and her program at the Science and Engineering Academy, and instead will have to attend William Howard Taft HS, which is not currently involved in the ID scheme, unless she changes her position."

BTC Commentary --  Andrea Hernandez has been the frontrunner in a fight where technology demands unconditional obedience to a hidden instructor.  Whether it's militarized drones or the call of Big Data on your Christmas shopping, you can't turn your neck anymore without some element of the surveillance state wanting something they don't deserve.  Ms. Hernandez is proof there is an evolving market for those who want options to distance themselves from digital surveillance mandates.

Monday, November 19, 2012

The return of EVVE

DHS's brand of offer and compromise throws something old at you calling it a new idea

From Avisians Real ID roundup, honestly titled "All hail the secured drivers license" they endorse two Real ID compliant offerings to States.
"Over-the-counter issuance: This model provides on-site issuance while and individual waits. It enables immediate verification that the information on the license is correct and allows for fast reprints and replacement issuance. It also provides a level of customer service that cannot be replicated by an off-site operation. It can prove challenging for the issuing agency, however, because it requires the deployment of equipment, printers and card stock to every point in the decentralized network of issuance locations. 
Centralized issuance: The centralized, off-site issuance model moves the printing of the ID to a separate location. Finished licenses are later mailed to the local office or directly to the applicant’s address. Real ID compliance is pushing more states toward a centralized issuance model as they strive to increase document security features. Laser engraving, high-end holography and other features can be cost prohibitive in decentralized environments, but the higher priced equipment can be affordable when centralized in single location."
In both models they admit local or individual endorsement runs far away from what Real ID actually means to a license card holder, popular stigma.
"For residents who don’t care about access to federal facilities, Delaware offers a license that isn’t REAL ID compliant, Cohan says. The resident doesn’t have to proffer any of the documents or undergo any of the background checks. They receive a license that has big black type on it stating that it’s not for use as a federal ID. There have been residents who have returned and upgraded their license after the fact, she notes. 
The state was aware of the stigma that REAL ID carries. When it first rolled out the new documents and processes it was not called a real ID compliant document. “We didn’t call it REAL ID because of the negative connotation,” Cohan say
The bad news is that EVVE is still making the rounds:
"Still, the challenge of checking breeder document validity is being solved through a new system created by the National Association for Public Health Statistics and Information Systems. The Electronic Verification of Vital Events network permits queries of in-state and out-of-state vital records. {This would be the new/old system they gave exactly the same name?
The DHS rule, Section 37.13(b)(3), specifies that the validity of birth certificates, presented to document the date of birth or to prove U.S. citizenship, should be verified electronically, by accessing the Electronic Verification of Vital Events (EVVE) system maintained by the National Association of Public Health Statistics and Information Systems (NAPHSIS), rather than directly with the issuers of the birth certificates (such as hospitals). 
Using the Web application a DMV employee enters certain information from a birth certificate. This information is sent to the issuing state and it comes back with a match or no match within seconds. Some 44 states are online with the system and another five are in the process of rolling it out."

SEE ALSO:  Here's a State-based nose count on WHTI compliance compiled by better paid, less lazy analysts for the G3 clique:  "Everything you need to know about Real ID"


Student media special - An 8bit surprise for NISD

Telling NISD the game is SO not over

BTC -   A new student campaign graphic is available for students who want to wear this at school on anything.

The BTC version: 

The anonymous version: 

Here's some every day guerilla promo suggestions for the long haul:
  • Wheatpaste the sh*t out of this on and off campus at door posts on big posters
  • Make a T-shirt and sell it to support legal defense (or just look cool)
  • Make buttons
  • Add this onto organizer meeting and general information flyers for students
  • Transfer it to your cars on magnets
  • Get 1000 of these stickers printed and sell them for a 1$ to support your legal defense OR just get some sticker paper and DIY.
  • Add it to student petition forms.
  • Add it an HTML banner to your social media and websites.