Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Flowers for Janet

BTC Commentary 

Immigration fatigue. 
That is one way to describe anyone who has observed the annual death counts of those who chose the treacherous treck across Arizona's deserts and expired due to dehydration and exhaustion.

The ones who made it through only to endure human trafficking Coyotes- criminal people enslaving those seeking a better life far from Mexicos destitution- often meet unfortunate ends, no better off for their sacrifices. Are lives and living illegal?   The contingencies of immigration reform are enough to make anyone hang their heads and weep.   

In the past, Janet Napolitano has sided with her constituents as a leader on immigration and come out the other side alive politically.  

Janet Napolitano has her critics and her supporters, but she has accepted a tough position where she has to enforce excruciatingly difficult policy. The Secretary of Homeland Security has been an inherently unlikable and unpopular office.   Unfortunately, after being responsible for excessive force set against civil liberties, illegal wiretapping, and TSA giving fliers en transit the stink eye for 8$ an hour; they've earned it.

On many occasions, I have said that whomever is in that seat is going to end up being "the bad guy".   However, for the first time in history immigration reform might actually get some badly needed attention.   For those desperate for closure, any decision would be better than the procrastination of indecisive, panicky officials seeking re-election.  Appointed officials can do things that elected ones cannot for fear of alienating contributors and voters.

Many are holding fast to hope of extracting emergency management and federal immigration enforcement.  The two being squashed together in the same agency has brought an unnecessary tone of mass hysteria.  To the relief of many, FEMA may be walking away from a marriage from DHS so that the wasteful and unreasonable elements of current enforcement can be dealt with.

People are tapping their watches, shifting from foot-to-foot: it's time.

For the sake of a New Year, flowers for Janet Napolitano might look like the space to do her job differently from predecessor, Michael Chertoff.     

When it comes to Real ID,  the legislation has been found out and is dying from exposure to American outrage.  Those who are endeared to it's design and benefits are very few in number. It can only survive like a creeping vine, growing in secrecy, underneath the knowledge and consent of the people.  


S.717  is  Real ID up for re-election.  It's Real ID remixed for a new administration.  It's the same garbage in a new white suit.  It's time the people communicate with our leaders: don't get attached to Real ID, it's on its way out.  

Until then, we stick to our original plan,  standing on the 10th Amendment - state's rights to a sovereign governance and passing on  the volunteer offer to move ahead with Real ID for individual states. 

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