Friday, February 6, 2009

Nevada Eats The Chip- but WHY?

Nevada, Nevada, Nevada - why in the world would you submit now to a Real ID?   The American public is not facing the music the financial world has been playing for over 10 weeks now.  We are flat busted.  We don't have money to finance a bailout or other federal-to-state programs. Things have been engineered to go bankrupt.   The NWO cannot have it both ways.  They can't find the cash to federalize fascism when the fiscal system is broken. Good luck.

This is why I would turn to a State like Nevada and say, WHY CAVE NOW?  Wyoming I can see because they begat the monster a.k.a Dick Cheney.  Maryland I can see caving because Washington D.C. has them on the short leash.    This..from a state who has the freedom to get away with the Bunny Ranches?  C'MON!! 

As I have said before, greenlighting Real ID is like committing to a federal railroad infrastructure plan when the surrounding states have shrugged it off.  In this case, Nevada gets their fascist IDs and moves them forward to the border annnnd?  And no one in the next state will observe or translate the technology or coordinate databases.  What a waste.

Maybe their officials should stop frying in the desert on the good drugs the biometrics lobbys are paying for and wake up to their own prospects of identity theft and family violence.  Nevada is going to wind up on the wrong side of the RFID deal.

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