Tuesday, May 19, 2009

BINGO!: PASS Act is Real ID Replacement

REAL ID Replacement Coming Soon? c/o TechDaily

CongressDaily's Chris Strohm writes in TechCentral's latest Issue Of The Week that after four years of effort, federal and state officials believe they are finally closing in on new legislation to replace a controversial 2005 law that set national standards for driver's licenses and identification cards. Sen. Daniel Akaka, D-Hawaii, is expected to introduce the bill -- called the PASS ID Act -- that would repeal card requirements set forth under the so-called REAL ID law. State governments -- several of which rejected the REAL ID law outright through acts of their legislatures - are expected to back the new bill because many of its key provisions originated with the National Governors Association.

The Obama administration, while silent about the emerging bill, has been engaged in talks with the NGA over legislative changes to REAL ID. The bill would require the Homeland Security Department to conduct a nine-month rulemaking process to establish security standards for state identification cards. One year after the regulations are issued, state motor vehicle departments would have to begin issuing cards that are in compliance, according to the most recent draft of the bill, obtained by CongressDaily. All states must be in compliance within five years or their citizens could not use those cards for federal purposes, such as entering federal buildings. Read the full story here.

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