Saturday, August 22, 2009

DNA as Identity, a biometrics update...

BTC- DNA as a biometric identifier is really considered cool by backslappy,cigar smoking croney-crats who believe you should pay them money for it. The critically uncool part of this is even DNA can be tampered with as evidence. People who have problems substantiating or recognizing evidence tampering to begin with, as they do ANY evidence, are now reaching for headache remedy.

Q. Who would tamper with DNA evidence and why?
A. Monsters.

There is so much to lose to monsters who like to eat children.

More than 51,000 DNA samples from children in West Yorkshire have been added to a controversial national database by the police, new figures reveal. To date more than 23,151 genetic profiles from youngsters aged between ten and 14 have been stored. And a further 28,169 samples have been taken from 15 to 17-year-olds by West Yorkshire Police since 2000.

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