Thursday, September 20, 2012

REDUX: Iowa decides to eat the chip, E-Verify unravels in constitutional challenge

BTC --   In good news v. bad news,  it's best to get the bad news out of the way first.

 Here is second life for news that matters:

Iowa enacts new ID card
"Legislators in many states called the requirements unconstitutional, portraying REAL ID as a kind of Orwellian government effort to track citizens. American Civil Liberties Union of Iowa Executive Director Ben Stone said he’d assumed the REAL ID issue had been put to rest in Iowa after suffering defeats in so many other states. 
He was surprised and disappointed to learn of the rule adoption. Stone said he cannot imagine why the state went to the great effort and expense of implementing REAL ID when the federal government had largely given up on the idea of implementing the legislation as originally enacted."
State to start issuing “REAL ID” cards in January


Lawsuit settlement guts Springfield's voter-passed E-Verify ordinance 

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- The City of Springfield reached an agreement with plaintiffs (Positronic Industries, Oke-Thomas & Associates, Stenger Management, and Joe Robles) in a lawsuit over the City’s controversial E-Verify ordinance approved by voters last February.

The plaintiffs contended the ordinance, proposed by the Ozarks Minutemen by initiative petition, was unconstitutional and in violation of federal and state law. The parties filed an offer of judgment and an acceptance of judgment.

The agreement leaves intact only a small part of the ordinance, and orders that what remains are provisions that may only be enforced consistently with state and federal law.


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