Monday, October 8, 2012

Secure ID News - Driver licenses and Internet IDs

BTC - AAMVA's Geoff Slagle, tells Secure ID news the highway safety group has worked with DHS c/o the Real ID Act for the last 7 years. They are set to move federal and bimetric ID requirements online in the CSDII - Cross Sector Digital Identity Initiaitive as an awardee for an NTSIC pilot.

c/o Secure ID News
"In some media reports the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace has been referred to as an Internet driver license so the fact that an association that represents issuers of those documents may seem like a no brainer. Regarding ID’s Gina Jordan spoke with Geoff Slagle, director of identity management at the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators about the pilot. AAMVA will lead a group of private industry and government partners to implement and pilot the Cross Sector Digital Identity Initiative. The goal of this initiative is to produce a secure online identity ecosystem that will lead to safer transactions by enhancing privacy and reducing the risk of fraud in online commerce."

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