Tuesday, December 11, 2012

REDUX: NISD creates video surveillance bid on Texas elementaries

c/o San Antonio Business Insider
Northside Independent School District is taking bids on a $20 million project to put video surveillance and security upgrades in elementary schools. The bond-funded project is expected to take about two years to complete.  
The project calls for integrated security management systems to be installed in 74 schools across the district. 


Rutherford Institute Sues North Carolina Public School for Strip-Searching a 10-Year-Old Boy in Search of Another Student’s Lost $20 Bill

Breaking the Set's, Brainwash Update covers School-to-Prison-Pipeline [24:40]

DIY Government ACTION ALERT :   Please write your local and federal Congressional Leaders to let them know what you think of State surveillance increases in public funded schools (RFID, CCTV, education & surveillance standards, higher learning, K-12 etc.)   You can make an impact on a national trend of distressing child privacy.

Here's second life for news that matters [*to people who want less mass surveillance]

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SEATTLE PHOTO:  Not the same system, but similar idea. 
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